About The Artist

I was born in Guernsey in the Channel Islands and I live in London in the UK. I paint full time and I exhibit and sell my paintings at exhibitions, online and to private clients. I paint mainly landscapes and animals.

I am owned by five cats at the moment who often appear in my paintings. Charlie, my brown spotted Bengal is a particularly good model but his brother Ming is much more of a four footed hazard. He loves to steal my paint brushes, complete with paint too!

Contemporary Animal Art

The inspiration for my paintings comes from the natural world. I’m strongly attracted to colour and light and I like to use rich, colour in my paintings. Colour is a wonderful tool to reflect emotion and mood. My paintings all come from an emotional response to my subject. I have a passion for animals and I love painting them. I enjoy trying to capture their personalities, that quirky essence that makes each one an individual. I am intrigued by the way they interact with the world, each animal has its own unique perspective on life which demands to be captured in paint.

Gloria Stook said “For the artist a cat is a still life in motion.”  Never a truer word! My “still lives” are always in motion. I do what I can to capture their spirit, their sense of life and vitality. In all their many varieties they are an endless source of material to a painter.


Dogs are the embodiment of happiness, from the smallest to the largest, every dog has the skill of happiness. Its that wonderful exuberance and love of life that makes painting dogs such fun. It’s a challenge to capture that sense of movement and dynamic energy on the canvas.

Animals in the environment allow me to explore my love of landscape, to create a colourful setting for my  subjects to inhabit. From the deep colours of the shady forest pool to the lively, sunlit greens of the open meadow, nature provides a rich and vibrant tapestry of colour and texture, light and shade that is exciting to paint.


Bunny In The Snow

Would you’d like a unique painting of a favourite animal friend? I take commissions to create original pieces of art for your home in oils or acrylics. People often ask if I can work from photos and the answer is yes I can. I get commissions from many different countries so working from photographs plays quite a large part in the process. I can come and take photos as reference for the painting or you can send me photos to work from. Photos can be emailed to me and I’ll email you with sketches, ideas and work in progress photos so you can watch your painting grow.


I support a number of animal charities involved with conservation, animal welfare, and also environmental organisations. Here are some of them…

Animal Lifeline UK
Best Friends Rescue
Birman Rescue
Cats Protection
Feline Friends
Independent Animal Rescue
The American Bullmastiff Association
The Environmental Investigation Agency
The Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB)
The Mayhew Animal Home
Hope Rescue In Wales