Painting Freddie

A Painting In Progress

Freddie - A British Blue Cat Painting

18×18 inch acrylic on canvas

The Initial Ideas

This is the very handsome Freddie, a beautiful British Blue cat. This commission was a challenge as Fred is grey and I wanted to bring out some of the subtle colours in his coat and capture those amazing eyes.

There were some lovely photos of Fred which really showed off his personality.

Photos of Freddie

But after several sketches his owner decided on a head and shoulder portrait against a plain blue green background that would let his coat and eyes shine through.

Sketch Ideas For Freddie's Painting

The Painting Process

The first step was to tint the canvas grey with a wash of acrylic and then to layout the painting using a grid to get the position of his features right.

Stage 1 The sketch on canvas

 Then I added some of the darks.

Stage 2 adding the darks

Now I am starting the first wash of paint on the background. It will take several layers to build up the colour.

Stage 3 starting the background

Starting on Freddie’s face and those wonderful yellow gold eyes.

Stage 4 starting those wonderful eyes

Here he is nearly finished. His face is complete and his body is nearly there. Now I just need to add his whiskers and varnish him.

Stage 5 nearly finished

The Finished Painting

Here is the finished painting.

Freddie - The finished painting on the easel

18×18 inch acrylic on canvas

A close up detail…

Freddie Finished - A close up detail of his eyes

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