The Larson Five

A Commissioned Cat Painting

The Larson Five

The Larson Five
20 x 30 inch acrylic on canvas

The Initial Ideas

Painting a multi cat portrait is pretty tricky! These five beautiful cats belong to Cindy Larson and I’m trying to capture all five in one large painting. This can be very challenging because of course there’s no way the cats will all curl up together in the perfect pose! But luckily Cindy is an excellent photographer and she took lots of photos of the cats, all in in similar positions, and her photos have really helped in the design of the painting.

The sketches

The first thing to do was a series of sketches of each of the cats and then to look at how we placed them all together on the bed.

The Painting Process

Once Cindy had approved the final sketch I started laying out the painting on the canvas and marking out the darks with ultramarine blue.

Stage 1

Then working on the under painting, filling it with warm burnt sienna and golds.

Stage 2

When the under painting was finished I started on the painting itself working from the background towards the cats.

Stage 3

Once the background is done I start on the cats themselves.

Stage 4

Stage 5

a close up of this stage.

Stage 5 Details

The Finished Painting

Here is the finished painting. The five of them have come together very well and I just love Josie, the Maine Coon, stretched out in the middle of the painting with her amazing tail draped over the edge of the bed.

The Finished Painting

And here are some close ups of the finished canvas.
Detail Of The Finished Painting - Josie Josie
Detail Of The Finished Painting - Mad Dog Mad Dog
Detail Of The Finished Painting - Isis and Bobina Isis and Bobina
Detail Of The Finished Painting - Cooper Cooper
Detail Of The Finished Painting And this shows the detail of the canvas.

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