Painting Lola

A Painting In Progress

Lola - The Finished Painting

20×16 inch oil on stretched canvas

This is the lovely Lola, an English Bull Terrier. She is such a pretty dog and I loved painting her! There is something very appealing about English Bull Terriers! ♥

I donated the painting of Lola to Battersea Cats and Dogs Home to raise money for the work they do helping cats and dogs find new loving homes.

Here’s how it was painted….

Stage 1

First sketch on the canvas. The sketch was done with a charcoal pencil on a 20×16 inch canvas. I want to get a tight, head and shoulders portrait of Lola. Then I added some acrylic painted lines over the charcoal sketch and filling in some of the darks and lights.

Lola Stage 1 - The drawing on the canvas

Stage 2

Here is the under painting. I’m using transparent red iron oxide for the under painting. It’s a lovely rich warm colour. I want the background to be red so this will add warmth under both Lola and the background.

Lola Stage 2 - Using transparent red iron oxide for the under painting

Stage 3

Now I switch to using oils and start with the background. The reds are darker around the back of her head and ears.

Lola Stage 3 - Starting the background

Adding colour to her ears, mouth and tongue and a first layer for her eyes. There will be several layers for her eyes and each one will need to dry before I add the next to keep the colours clean and sharp.

Lola Stage 3 - Adding colour to her ears, mouth and tongue

Painting Lola’s body with soft lilacs and blues, a small touch of green and some white.

Lola Stage 3 - Painting Lola's body with soft lilacs and blues

Stage 4

The oil painting of Lola is nearly finished! I’ve been working on her face and ears. Now to do her eyes and muzzle.

Lola Stage 4 - working on her face and ears

The Finished Painting

Here is the finished painting of Lola. I’ve finished off her ears and eyes and added a collar.

Lola - The Finished Painting

a close up detail of Lola’s eye. There are many different colours in her eyes.

Lola - A close up of the canvas

Lola - A close up detail of Lola's eye.

The canvas of Lola on the easel showing the painted edges of the canvas.

Lola - The canvas of Lola on the easel

2 thoughts on “Painting Lola

  1. I want to start work on a watercolour sheet A3 using a drawing I DID A FEW YEARS AGO. I have not painted for a long time and I am a little scared. The sketches are of women friends of mine as we sat in a restaurant I am quite pleased with the result. I wonder now how do I start to paint. I will be using acrylics I usually use oil. Hope Im not weasting your time … Graham

  2. Sounds scary to me Graham! I went from oils to doing watercolours and found it quite scary. However one thing I think you could do to help you start is to decide to do 2 paintings. The first one as a test for the second one. That way you can just dive in, try things and not worry about getting things wrong. So when you come to do the second one you’ll have some ideas of what works and what doesn’t and you can approach it with more confidence.

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