The London Exhibition

Life has been a bit chaotic recently and I haven’t had as much time to update the blog. One reason for that is the London show of the Society Of Feline Artists is underway at the Llewellyn Alexander gallery in Waterloo. The show looks wonderful and is on until the 19th of September. Do go along and see some amazing work by more than 50 artists.

Whisker Face is one of the paintings in the exhibition.

Whisker Face

The Builder – A Starling Painting

This is a Splendid Starling, also known as the Splendid Glossy Starling, very well named isn’t he? Spectacular colours in those feathers. This one lives at London Zoo and when I visited in spring he was very busy building a nest. I sat and watched him for quite a while. He was able to get so much straw in his beak at one go! I was impressed with the effort and I’m sure the nest must have been a work of art. His colours are all blues and greens with a touch of iridescence on wings and that amazing orange breast.

The Builder

Painted in watercolour on 16×12 inch Saunders Waterford watercolour paper.