Ghengis Asil Cock

Ghengis is a a new chicken painting. This amazing lad is a Reza Asil cock. A fiesty gamefowl breed from India. He’s quite a character and it shows in his posture. This is one chicken who’ll defend his space! Painted in watercolour and drip pens on Saunders Waterford 16×12 inch paper, with some gold and bronze in those feathers, and a glint in his eye.

asil chicken, game cock called Ghengis

Some Recent Brooches – sold

Three new brooches I’ve just finished. I’ve been making these for 3 or 4 months now. I usually post them on facebook but I thought it was time to put them on the web site! So these latest three are a Doberman, a Golden Oriole and a Red Cardinal.

dog brooch doberman no1-3 golden oriole brooch no1 red cardinal brooch no1

The Doberman and the Golden Oriole are commissions, the Red Cardinal will be for sale. I don’t have them anywhere on the web site yet, if you’d like one you’ll have to email me or contact me on facebook or twitter. I will get them up soon I promise. :-)

Shadow Hare On Handmade Paper – sold

Exciting! I’ve just finished my first watercolour painting on my new Two Rivers paper. It’s handmade artists rag paper, it’s a heavy weight and has a random surface texture and four deckle edges, love those deckle edges.

shadow hare

I love painting hares so what better subject to use on this gorgeous paper? This hare pricks up his ears and twitches those lovely whiskers, he’s keeping an eye out for trouble. The sun streams past and throws his soft lilac shadow in front of him. He is painted in watercolour and acrylic inks.