Ginger Nut

A big red Maine Coon cat sitting in the sun. He’s a gorgeous big ginger fluff ball with a soft and cuddly personality so I wanted the painting to be lively a colourful, just like him. He is painted in acrylics 20×16 inch Cornwall, which has a lovely texture.

Ginger Nut 18x14 acrylic painting3Ginger Nut 18x14 acrylic painting2He comes in a 24×18 inch double mount, ready for you to frame as you’d like. Or he can come without the mount if you’d like to mount him yourself. He ships wrapped in tissue paper in a strong gift box, so he will reach you in perfect condition.Ginger Nut 18x14 acrylic painting

London Plane Leaf Brooch

There are many London Plane trees all over the city. Their leaves can grow to a huge size and there’s a big variation in the shapes and colours too. One tree, not far from me, has very dark leaves in Autumn, with dark reds and purples, almost black at the edges when they fall. This brooch is inspired by that tree. It has black edges turning to red and gold in the centre with touches of green and blue here and there.

Leaf Gothic No 5 Leaf Gothic No 5-2jpg

Strolling Tiger

I am not just making jewellery, I am doing a lot of painting too. This one is tiger out for a stroll. I love this head on view of him, you really see what a powerful cat he is as he strolls along the bank.

walking tiger 20x14 watermedia painting

He is painted in watercolour and inks with a touch of thicker acrylic paint, on 20×14 inch Fabriano Artistico paper, which has a lovely texture. He comes in a 24×18 inch double mount.

walking tiger 20x14 watermedia painting2

Copper Beech Brooch

Another new leaf for this year, a copper beech leaf brooch. One of my favourite trees is a copper beech tree in a London square near here. it looks stunning in every season. So I’ve collected some of its leaves to create the shapes for the copper beech leaf.  This is a bronze leaf with swirls of orange and gold through it and little touches of blue and copper.

It’s just on 2 inches from stem to tip.
It has a pin on the back and comes in a gift box.

copper beech no1 3 copper beech no1

Silver Maple Leaf Brooch

My local silver maple tree is always so colourful in Autumn. The leaves are endlessly fascinating and have a surprisingly large range of colours as the season turns. This leaf brooch celebrates that colour with blues, greens, oranges and golds.

Silver Maple Leaf No 9 Silver Maple Leaf No 9-1

Maple Leaf Necklace

A unique, handmade double sided leaf necklace in a gift box.  This pendant is based on the shape of a Silver Maple leaf. On one side it’s spring, with sparkling greens and golds and on the other its Autumn, with vibrant reds and orange and just a touch of magenta. Both sides have pretty swirls of gold running through them.

Maple leaf Necklace No 1-2Maple leaf Necklace No 1-3Maple leaf Necklace No 1-5Maple leaf Necklace No 1-6