The Racers

Ginger Nut

One day in my local park and I noticed a family of crows, The Gracks, flying around and coming down to land at a particular spot. I wondered what they were up to so I stayed put and watched them for a while. Was it food I wondered? But no, I realised that this was a game! The crows would take off, circle for a while and then all three would chase down the wind and attempt to land at the same spot. They did it over and over, shrieking and cawing as they came, I swear they were laughing. I think these were lessons in fast landings for the kids. Crow school does look like fun.

Autumn Sycamore Leaf Pendant

A unique handmade double sided leaf necklace. Based on the shape of a sycamore leaf, it’s red and orange with touches of and swirls of gold running through it on one side. On the other side it’s greens and gold.
The leaf itself is approx 2 inches by 2 inches.

sycamore pendant 4sycamore pendant 3

The pendant has a silver plated choker and comes in a gift box.
It’s up in the Etsy shop.

The Grack Family

The Gracks are a family of crows who live nearby and I often see them in the local park. Usually they keep their distance from humans but in summer, when the kids are growing up fast, they bring them down into the park to forage. There’s usually only one adult to keep an eye on the youngsters (and a careful eye on us humans). I imagine the other bird is taking a well earned rest! The kids do what all kids do, squabble and beg for food and run around having fun and the adult intervenes occasionally and tries to keep them working on their lessons, scavenging for food in the grass.

Ginger Nut

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