London Plane Leaf Brooch

There are many London Plane trees all over the city. Their leaves can grow to a huge size and there’s a big variation in the shapes and colours too. One tree, not far from me, has very dark leaves in Autumn, with dark reds and purples, almost black at the edges when they fall. This brooch is inspired by that tree. It has black edges turning to red and gold in the centre with touches of green and blue here and there.

Leaf Gothic No 5 Leaf Gothic No 5-2jpg

Big Red Boy – Maine Coon Cat In Watercolour Framed

A big red Maine Coon cat sitting in the sun. I do love painting big ginger fluffballs! This lad is full of colour with pinks, yellows and greens in his coat and teal whiskers.He is painted in watercolour and paint pens on 16×12 inch Fabriano paper.


He comes in a 20×16 inch single mount and a shabby chic frame. The frame is a box frame in wood, lightly painted white and distressed to create a shabby chic style. It’s has acrylic glass to make it safe to ship

That Look

A beautiful spotty bengal cat. He’s painted in watercolour with paint pens and some metallics too. After all, a bengal needs a touch of glitter in his coat. The photos don’t show it but some of the his fur has metallic copper watercolour in places and in certain light it gives a beautiful shimmer. He is painted on a sheet of 40x30cm Cornwall paper in watercolour and paint pens.



Fox Brooch

A beautiful red fox out for a stroll. She is red and orange with lots of gold through her coat. She has a pearly tail and muzzle and long black stockings with a touch of silver at the top. There are little hints of iridescent russet, blue and lilac in her coat.

Walking Cat In Resin

A walking cat in resin. He is black, red and gold with touches green and blue in him and swirls of gold running through his coat. The resin is right across the piece giving a poured glass effect and the metallics in him really sparkle in the light. He changes from a dark cat to a bright golden cat depending on the light, almost as if the painting breathes in sunlight.

resin walking cat 16x12

He is an 16×12 inch resin painting on a canvas panel in a black wood frame.

resin walking cat close up