A Goldfinch Painting – Sold

I love goldfinches. There are so many here in Central London, you hear them singing from high above and watch them flying in groups from tree to tree. So pretty and such lovely singers too. If there’s a sweet song in the air and small birds perched on the tv aerials. you can bet they’re goldfinches.


This one is perched on a post checking out a feeder. He is painted in watercolour on Saunders Waterford watercolour paper.
goldfinch detail

Sheep with a crown – sold

Black Faced Sheep are a common breed in the UK and they are very fine looking sheep. I wanted to capture her dark face with lots of deep reds and purples and contrast it with her fleece, full of golds and yellows.


The fleece on her neck was thick and with the light behind her it looked like a crown of fire on top of her head. Painted on 18×14 inch Fabriano Artistico rough watercolour paper, I love the texture in this paper.

Pigeon Argument

I saw these two pigeons in the park while I was feeding the robins. They were having an argument and one pigeon effectively punched the other with his beak! I guess it’s the only way to get your point across forcefully if you’re a pigeon. :-)


I loved the cross expression on his face! I think that’s called getting beak slapped.


It’s a 16×12 inch painting in ink and watercolour on Saunders Waterford watercolour paper.

Longstockings – Whippet Sketch

I’ve been drawing a whippet. I love this pose and I’m thinking of painting it so I wanted to try it out as a drawing first. Which isn’t something I do very often. But I really wanted to sketch him. I love those long legs. He makes me think of Pippi Longstocking. :-) 

Whippet DrawingThis is drawn on 40 x 40 cm Fabriano Pittura paper using ink, watercolour and pastel.