Golden Black Faced Sheep Framed

I took delivery of some frames from eframe this week and I’ve been busy framing and shipping prints and paintings. I got myself a lovely white frame and double mount for Golden Blackfaced Sheep. I really like her in this frame. :-) I like her companion too, he is a Selkirk Rex.

golden blackfaced sheep on the wall

 Here’s a close up of the frame and the double mount.



Day Dreamer – Black Cat Painting

I’ve done a few of these modern, semi abstract portraits this year and really wanted to do one of Harry for me. So here he is, sitting on red cushions, staring out of the window, in the sun, day dreaming. I wanted it to be full of glorious colour to set off his beautiful coat. He’s a beautiful boy, he may be black but he is full of colour too.


I’ve finished him just in time because today is National Black Cat Day and we’re celebrating everything that’s wonderful about black cats. Black cats are so often overlooked in rescue centres. Maybe because people don’t think black is a beautiful colour, I hope this painting shows just how wrong they are! This happens to black dogs too by the way.

Harry himself was rescued from the snow one winter and we have never regretted inviting him into our lives.

Framed Art of the Week

Another lovely surprise  this week. Eframe have used my painting ‘On The Sofa’ as their Framed Art of the Week. Thank you eframe, for a wonderful article.
The rose mount and teak frame they picked as a framing idea for the painting looks lovely against the colours in ‘On The Sofa’. This is turning into quite a week for the dogs.


Rescue Dog News

What a lovely surprise I found in my inbox. :-) There’s an article on my dog paintings on the Rescue Dog News blog. Including Zonda, Life Is sweet and Jumping For Joy. Thank you Rescue Dog News!


Rescue Dog News is dedicated to bringing you interesting dog related articles, news, stories, holistic healthcare, great training ideas, and informative and fun videos and photos. Their mission is to promote the bond between dogs and humans through education and entertainment.

Racing Cheetah Watercolour Painting

I love trying to capture movement. This time I wanted to explore a cat in motion and what better cat than a cheetah with their amazing 70 mph sprints? I wanted him to feel like he’s moving so fast that the brush can’t keep up with him and the paint smears behind him.

racing cheetah
It’s also a great reason to use some wonderful Autumn colours, golds, oranges and yellows with just a touch of teal.

racing cheetah2

He is painted in watercolour on 16×12 inch Hahnemuehle Cornwall watercolour paper.

Whoosh – Watercolour Painting

Another of my pigeons in flight series. This is ‘Whoosh’, a pigeon flying past my window. I like the speed and control he has over the wind and the thermals.

whoosh-bird-paintingHe is painted in watercolour on 16×12 inch Lana paper. Lana Vanguard paper from France is a synthetic paper designed for artists. It’s a bright white, very smooth surface and non-absorbant, so the watercolour sits on top. With no loss of paint into the surface the colours of the watercolour remain brilliant, they don’t fade as they dry, wonderful for colour lovers. You also get unusual effects in the paint as it drys.