New Cards Have Arrived

I am lucky to have a new line of greetings cards being produced by a publisher and the first set have arrived. They look amazing, the colours are brilliant! They are all square and a little bigger than the ones I make myself at just over 6 inches square or 160mm. Here they are along with my 3 cards.

cat dog and hare themed greetings cards

My other set of new cards are Elli, just under 6 inches square or 145mm, Black and Proud and Peak A Boo! Both a6 in size.

Peak a boo! Elli and Black and Proud cardsThey are now in the shop. They’ll are £2.50 each or 4 for £9.99. I can do mixed packs.

Society Of Feline Artists Show 2015

Plumptious - black cat oil painting framed

This is a new oil painting, Harry, who is a little on the plump side in his fat pink cushion bed. He loves it! So I called this one Plumptious. It’s on show at this years Society Of Feline Artists Exhibition at the Llewellyn Alexander gallery, Waterloo, London until the 18th of September.

There are lots of wonderful paintings on display. Do come along and have a look. The gallery is just across the road from the Old Vic Theatre.

Colourful Leopard

Another snow leopard, this time in water media with lots of messy splashing around and loads of colour. I love her profile and thought I’d add a splash of pink and gold vanishing out of the picture. I’m imagining an exotic bird beating a hasty retreat!

leopard finishedShe is quite large, she’s painted on 22×16 inch Cornwall paper in watercolour, inks, and paint pens. Here’s a close up of the surface….

leopard in progress3a

Mother and cub – sold

I’ve just about finished this new painting of a snow leopard Mum and her cub in profile. It’s a 12×12 inch oil on canvas board. The last snow leopard I painted had warm fur against a cold blue green backdrop so this time I wanted to reverse that and try cool grey/lilac/blue fur against a soft, warm background. Now they just need varnishing.

Snow Leopard and cub

Ghengis Asil Cock

Ghengis is a a new chicken painting. This amazing lad is a Reza Asil cock. A fiesty gamefowl breed from India. He’s quite a character and it shows in his posture. This is one chicken who’ll defend his space! Painted in watercolour and drip pens on Saunders Waterford 16×12 inch paper, with some gold and bronze in those feathers, and a glint in his eye.

asil chicken, game cock called Ghengis