Strolling Tiger

I am not just making jewellery, I am doing a lot of painting too. This one is tiger out for a stroll. I love this head on view of him, you really see what a powerful cat he is as he strolls along the bank.

walking tiger 20x14 watermedia painting

He is painted in watercolour and inks with a touch of thicker acrylic paint, on 20×14 inch Fabriano Artistico paper, which has a lovely texture. He comes in a 24×18 inch double mount.

walking tiger 20x14 watermedia painting2

Copper Beech Brooch

Another new leaf for this year, a copper beech leaf brooch. One of my favourite trees is a copper beech tree in a London square near here. it looks stunning in every season. So I’ve collected some of its leaves to create the shapes for the copper beech leaf.  This is a bronze leaf with swirls of orange and gold through it and little touches of blue and copper.

It’s just on 2 inches from stem to tip.
It has a pin on the back and comes in a gift box.

copper beech no1 3 copper beech no1

Silver Maple Leaf Brooch

My local silver maple tree is always so colourful in Autumn. The leaves are endlessly fascinating and have a surprisingly large range of colours as the season turns. This leaf brooch celebrates that colour with blues, greens, oranges and golds.

Silver Maple Leaf No 9 Silver Maple Leaf No 9-1

Maple Leaf Necklace

A unique, handmade double sided leaf necklace in a gift box.  This pendant is based on the shape of a Silver Maple leaf. On one side it’s spring, with sparkling greens and golds and on the other its Autumn, with vibrant reds and orange and just a touch of magenta. Both sides have pretty swirls of gold running through them.

Maple leaf Necklace No 1-2Maple leaf Necklace No 1-3Maple leaf Necklace No 1-5Maple leaf Necklace No 1-6

Howling Wolf Brooch

A unique handmade wolf brooch. This wolf is howling to his pack. He stands on a dark rock with swirls of copper through it. He has a coat of dark blue, like a midnight sky, with gold running though his fur.

He is just under 2 inches from nose to tail and just under 2 inches high.
He has a pin on the back and comes in a gift box.

Wolf No 1-2He is in the shop here.