A Ring-tailed Lemur Painting

Ring-tailed lemurs are very distinctive with their amazing black and white stripped tails and their beautiful eyes. They don’t use these amazing tails to cialis url href online grip the trees like their primate cousins do. They have a smellier role to play in lemur life. Lemurs use scent to mark their territories and during the mating season the males use scent to establish their dominance over other males. They do this by rubbing their tails with the delaware caverta generic viagra veega secretions from their scent glands in their wrists and then waving them in the air in an attempt to out stink each other. The smelliest lemur wins!  :-) 

Ring-tailed Lemur

This is a 40 x 30 cm acrylic painting on Cornwall paper, partly painted in a watercolour style and cialis consultation delivery discount health man partly with thicker paint and a knife, giving a mix of texture.


Ring-tailed Lemurs are beautiful and it would be a shame if we lost them. Sadly they are endangered because of a loss of their habitat. Hopefully breeding programs will help them survive.

Floating Aluminium Print Of Zonda

This is Zonda printed as a 16×16 inch aluminium print. I love these aluminium prints! They look stunning and the colours come up so beautifully under the glossy finish. With the hidden fittings on the back it seems to float on the wall. It looks amazing.

aluminium print 16x16 Zonda on the wall

It’s printed on an aluminium Dibond base and laminated with a fine, glossy, UV film.   It’s strong but surprisingly light weight so it can hang on the wall easily.

aluminium print 16x16 Zonda - the edgesThe edges of the print.

Snow Cow

This is Rose, a gorgeous Highland Cow. She was peering out from behind a cart on a snowy winter’s day and I loved the expression of friendly curiosity on her face. I was going to keep it to a white background but I added some soft turquoise snowflakes as well. It was snowing on the day and I think the colour suits her.

Rose In The Snow
Prints available in the gallery.