Pigeon Argument

I saw these two pigeons in the park while I was feeding the robins. They were having an argument and one pigeon effectively punched the other with his beak! I guess it’s the only way to get your point across forcefully if you’re a pigeon. :-)


I loved the cross expression on his face! I think that’s called getting beak slapped.


It’s a 16×12 inch painting in ink and watercolour on Saunders Waterford watercolour paper.

Red Kite

A beautiful red kite soaring on the thermals with those gorgeous long fingered primary feathers spreading on the wind. Love those feathers! They look so expressive, you can almost see the wind as you watch them. Red kites are such beautiful, graceful birds. I loved doing this one, a semi abstract red kite in flight.

Red Kite

Touching The Wind
22×16 inches acrylics on canvas

This one is already sold but I do have prints in the gallery.

If you’d like a similar painting do email me, I am taking bookings for more of these semi abstract animal and bird paintings.

Moorhen Painting

When we went to deliver the paintings to Obsidian Art for the Cats And Dogs exhibition the other day we stopped for lunch along the river. There were lots of ducks, moorhens and coots and of course we threw some bread for them. This one was like a feathered torpedo! It got to the bread first or it simply grabbed the food straight out of the ducks beaks. He was so fast!

32 x 27 cm acrylics on paper


His back feathers were glowing in the sunshine, rather than black they were a lovely warm rusty brown. Very handsome. He was a really colourful character. He swam backwards and forewards along the river bank keeping a close eye on us to see if there’d be any more treats so I had plenty of time to study him. And he had the last of our bread too.

moorhen-painting-detailBuy it here or contact me direct if you’d like him.

Little Blue Tit Painting – Sold

Little Blue Tit

Little Blue Tit
4×4 inch oil on board

I felt inspired by the blue tits living in the gardens to do a little 4×4 inch oil painting. They’re really busy starting their families and they regularly come to my window feeder for a snack, so I get a close look at them. Such pretty little birds. I love their bandit style eye masks and their cheeky, confident attitude.

Starling – Sold

Starlings are such gorgeous birds, those iridescent feathers shining in the sun! I watched a small flock of starlings at Camden Lock in the summer, picking up scraps that the tourists by the canal. It’s a lovely place to be on a hot sunny day for both humans and birds.

Starling by D Laurent

30×24 cm acrylic on paper

This starling was a juvenile who seemed to be part way between his brown baby plumage and his fabulous adult coat. He was a glorious mix of colour.

Starling detail

We used to think of them as pests here in London, years ago. There were so many starlings and house sparrows in those days, yelling nosily in the trees with big flocks of starlings flying overhead in the evenings, heading for their beds. We thought they’d always be there. But we were wrong. We lost our sparrows and starlings and the skies were silent for many years. It’s true, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Recently the starlings have started to come back to the centre of the city and we’ve even see a small flock living not too far from the house. They’re back and it’s wonderful to see them again. Maybe the house sparrows will be back one day too.

Cheeky Blue Tit

Here’s a little sketch of a blue tit on the wall outside my window.

Cheeky Blue Tit Sketch

I’ve been watching the blue tits and the great tits coming to feed on my window feeder. They are so entertaining! The blue tits are cheeky balls of yellow feathers, new fledglings, full of energy, squabbling over the nuts and seeds. They perch on the wall just outside the window and look carefully around for danger. They can’t see in because I’ve put up mirrored film. Just as well as there’s usually and excited cat on the other side! Then up onto the nuts for a good feed. They come so often I’m getting to know the differences between each bird. This one seems cheekier than the others and he’s much rounder too.