Metallic Parrot Painting

I recently finished a very unusual parrot painting. It’s not the composition that’s unusual but my idea to use the same materials on the painting as I do on the brooches. He looks quite amazing although it’s hard to capture as the surface changes as you move him. The paint has an enamelled/metallic finish and it moves quite actively once you apply it so you can never be sure how the piece will turn out. I love the uniqueness of it and the way the colours spread into and around each other. I just had to do a larger piece!

parrot no1

And here are some details photos of the finish. I painted him on Lanavanguard, an unusual and innovative artists paper. It’s non absorbent, the paint sits on the surface rather than sinking into the fibres, and it seemed perfect for this technique, the paint won’t affect the paper.

parrot no1 detail2 parrot no1 detail3

Flying Crow On Red

Another flying crow painting. It was a hot, sunny day and the crows were looking for food on the beach. The air is the hot and as the crow flies down through the thermals his wings create cooler swirls of air behind him, marking his flight.

wings of ice -crow painting

This is a 16×12 inch painting on canvas using acrylics, acrylic inks and oil pastels. Here’s a detail of his wing.

wings of ice -crow painting3

A Parrot Brooch

 Recently I’ve started making brooches. I’ve been posting them on my facebook page, but I thought it was about time I posted a couple of them here on the blog.

It’s a bit of a departure for me but I wanted to experiment with some interesting colour effects on a small canvas. So I made myself some animal and bird shapes to work on. I was so pleased with they way they turned out I made them into brooches. I like the idea of wearable art. :-) This once I’ve just finished is a parrot. There are lots of blues and golds in him. parrot brooch no1

And here is a close up…

parrot brooch no1 detail


A Crow In Watercolour

This crow is sailing down the thermals heading for the ground. It was a hot, sunny day and the crows were looking for food on the beach. As I watched them I was imagining the swirls of hot air flowing through their feathers as they banked and turned above the sands.

wings of fire - crow watercolour

He’s painted in watercolour and pastels on Fabriano watercolour paper.

wings of fire - crow flying - 16x12 watercolour-detail2

Whoosh – Watercolour Painting

Another of my pigeons in flight series. This is ‘Whoosh’, a pigeon flying past my window. I like the speed and control he has over the wind and the thermals.

whoosh-bird-paintingHe is painted in watercolour on 16×12 inch Lana paper. Lana Vanguard paper from France is a synthetic paper designed for artists. It’s a bright white, very smooth surface and non-absorbant, so the watercolour sits on top. With no loss of paint into the surface the colours of the watercolour remain brilliant, they don’t fade as they dry, wonderful for colour lovers. You also get unusual effects in the paint as it drys.