A Golden Hare Painting – Sold

Another hare with amazing whiskers, a favourite subject of buy viagra from india mine. He’s sketched on 16×12 inch Cornwall paper using pencils, and painted with acrylics. He’s such a lovely golden colour with hints of lilac and green and touches or turquoise.


Flying Beneath The Waves

Rocky the Rockhopper penguin diving beneath the waves. I adore penguins and for this painting I really wanted to get a feeling of the water itself, the space he’s flying through with such ease. When you watch penguins under water they move so amazingly well, like bird shaped torpedoes.


Flying Beneath The Waves
16×12 inches acrylic on board
So the idea started with trying to capture him ‘in flight’  under water. Once Rocky was painted I wanted to add some extra dimensions to the painting. I started by adding drops of acrylic paint to form bubbles. I let them set fully as nice distinct drops and then I added several layers of clear acrylic gels so that Rocky really appears to be under water.


I also used some photo luminescent crystals in the paint so that Rocky would glow in the dark. As light levels fall they glow blue. It’s very hard to photograph though.


I loved painting this one and I loved rocky so much I would happily have kept him. But he’s already gone to his new home.

Abstract Hare Print

A new hare limited edition print. I love hares and I wanted to capture that alert posture, when the hare pricks up his wonderful, huge ears and keeps an eye out for trouble. The sun is coming from behind him, it fills his fur with warm, golden light and throws his lilac shadow out in front of him.

Sunlit Hare
This new print is available here…

Nut Raider

This is a view I often get of the local nut thief! :-) The nuts are in a feeder on the window so when he swings from the feeder to eat the nuts through the wire I can study him from quite close up. Squirrels have amazing whiskers when you see them at close range, almost as good as hares.

Nut RaiderNut Raider
6×6 inch oil painting on board

Get him here if you’d like him or email me direct.

Squirrel Nutkin

This cheeky squirrel is often on my window ledge looking for nuts. He’s a grey squirrel but it seems they are more of a golden ochre colour, at least in summer. I think this one is a youngster. He was quite happy to sit and eat a nut I put out for him and to let me watch him from pretty close too. He’s a great model, will work for food! :-)

Squirrel Nutkin
Squirrel Nutkin
6 x 6 inch acrylic on canvas board

Squirrel Nutkin is my painting for day 18 of the 30 day painting challenge. I’m amazed I’ve made it this far!

Get him here if you’d like him or email me direct.

Bear On Blue – Sold

A bear portrait. For day 8 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge I wanted to do a bear because I’ve been longing to paint one, but somehow I’ve never had the time. So this was the perfect excuse to spend some time sketching and painting bears. I’ve really loved it!

Bear On Blue
6×6 inch acrylic on board

I like his profile, its strong shape against the blues and greens in the background and the warm oranges and browns in his coat. I tried to capture the expression in his eyes too.